In Israel we support a foundation called Elijah’s Cup of Mercy in Tiberias which is working under the leadership of Miri Moriah and which is taking care of orphans and street children coming from the area of former Soviet Union and Ukraine and forming already their own families. Miri has a vision to help orphans and widows. Miri is also travelling in different countries as far as possible preaching prophetic message.

We also support Dugit Foundation in Tel Aviv where it has church, combined coffee-house and outreach center, distribution center and prayer tower. The foundation is leaded by Avi Mizrahi with his wife Chaya and they have a vision to spread the gospel in Tel Aviv and also in all Israel. They want to reach both Jews and Arabs as well as other nationalities. So Avi and Chaya have friends among Jews and Arabs. In distribution center the poor will receive aid in spite of their nationality or color.


In Spain we support spreading gospel and giving humanitarian aid among Muslims which is done under the leadership of Pedro Reyes-Castro. Under Pedro’s guidance Muslims that are travelling between Africa and Europe will get in the harbor packages including gospel and many have through them come to Faith in Jesus. Pedro’s team is also praying for those who are in need. In addition, Pedro is guiding the distribution of food and other necessities coming from EU to the poor. Teams are coming from Finland to help Pedro and they are spreading gospel in market places and on the streets as well as helping in distribution work.


In Brazil we support the work among children and elderly people and a rehabilitation house for men which are all done in liaison with the church of Botucatu. The city of Botucatu has shown great favor to the work of the church because they have seen good results of it. So also the city is participating in this social activity. The professional staff and volunteers include church members and so it is possible for them to advance the Kingdom of God also outside the congregational activity.


We got an opportunity to minister at the Botucatu Church and Pekka also visited Men`s Inner Healing Home, where he testified to these homeless people and prayed for them. The Lord gave Words to be shared and touched people there.

At this time we had many encounters with different people whom we encouraged. We also saw a few concrete, instantaneous healing miracles.

A woman at the church came to ask for a prayer for her right eye, because she had lost about 60 % of her vision and therefore she had difficulties with walking.

While praying her vision already improved partially and pain disappeared from her shoulder. However the Lord continued healing, and in the last evening before our departure at the church meeting this woman came to tell us that her vision had recovered and the doctor could not find anything wrong with her eye.


In Siberia there is a hospice of disabled children and we are supporting it occasionally when we are receiving donations for it.


Co-work with Comminunity Concern Ministries, guided by pastor Timothy Kakooza, in Uganda in a town called Katosi opened in 2017. The foundation has a church and it is training and helping orphan, rejected and poor children including about 800 children. We could bring there support and give Bible teaching to hundreds of people in the town of Katosi and in different villages.

Pastor Timothy is helping also elderly people in Katosi. The area is poor and there is still witchcraft and old African traditions and that’s why the life of the people is basic. CCM is pursuing to raise a new generation which will adopt the principles and mindsets of the Bible and consequently is able to cause a social change and improvement of the living conditions of the people.


At the end of October and in the beginning of November we visited Uganda: Pekka, Anneli and Hannele Jokela from here Kouvola. Seven full days there were full of activities: teaching Bible to schoolchildren, a two-day-seminar to pastors and preaching at the church meetings. We taught and testified about the mighty works of God. We taught on how to live by faith after being born again, how to receive inner healing and to be set free of bondages and how important is to know and confess the Word of God. People needed and were thirsty for teaching there. We were astonished when the pastors from different villages at the seminar came to thank us saying that they hadn`t received teaching on these matters. They said, “you have to come back to teach us”. May the Lord bless them and water all that sowing so that it may produce plentiful harvest.

We gave out self-made picture cards to children (Sonja Linne organized voluntary work), in which Psalm 23 and different scriptures or spiritual texts were written. These were like most valuable treasures to the children and later we saw them waving these cards in their hands.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to take a generous gift with us. It came for a real need in a place, where there is lack of everything. Poverty in Africa and prevailing darkness there reminded us concretely of how we have the light only in Jesus. The light of Jesus is needed in the midst of darkness in Africa, but it is needed in the same way here in our beloved nation of Finland so that the truth of God could take over our hearts.

We were planning the date of the next visit to Africa with the local pastor and how we could have a few day Inner Healing and Deliverance Seminar for Pastors. Please, pray for wisdom and equipment for us as well as finances to arrange it, because pastors cannot afford to participate in the expenses. May the will of our Heavenly Father happen in all these matters!

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Brazil: 1060 00700
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Russia: 1060 00920
Uganda: 1060 00661
Other: 1060 00810


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Execution time and place: 22.11.2018 – 21.11.2020  Finland , Excluding  Aland (Ahvenanmaa).
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